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WHAT CONSTITUTES MIND? MIND - information for maximizing the mind's power and pathways for clear thinking and decision making.

WHAT ABOUT BODY? BODY- energizing ideas to incorporate sports and fitness into your day and information on developing eating habits for lifelong health.

WHAT IS SOUL? SOUL - Guidance on self-expression and self-care through creativity and reflection. It's also cultivating healthy relationships with communication.

Health & Wellness

Being well and eating well is a process of becoming aware of choices and making the right decisions to achieve a balanced life.  We are committed to offering you a wide range of options for a healthy dining experience.  From recipes that include the most nutritious mix of ingredients to offering educational resources for positive lifestyle habits, healthy offerings are the result of a team dedicated to advancing the well-being of the entire campus community.

For students who have special dietary and nutritional needs, we have a full roster of informational resources and customized menus to address your needs.  These menus meet the strictest compliance standards, without sacrificing flavor, texture, or presentation. 

Another important part of our focus on health and wellness is the use of seasonal menus, featuring fresh and healthy ingredients - many of which are grown by local or regional farmers.  Every season has its own unique produce that is showcased in delicious signature dishes to highlight the distinct flavors and natural appeal of seasonal items.

Balance Mind, Body and Soul

Visit BalanceMindBodySoul.com  for your nutritional information. You will find recipes, nutritional and wellness information as well as have the opportunity to "Meet The Dietitian." BalanceMindBodySoul.com provides reliable nutrition and health information that can easily be accessed any time of the day.

Topics that students are concerned about such as eating healthfully while away at school, vegetarian nutrition, and eating for fitness are presented in an informal, lively style.

Culinary Links

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